How to wax with a minimum of pain

Waxing can be painful to the point that some people are so apprehensive that they prefer to opt for the shaving method. These people then lose all the benefits they had gained by using waxing. You do not have to go there at all: hair removal has been around for millennia, and thanks to feedback, many ways of hair removal with minimal pain have been developed. It is with pleasure that we share them with you in this article!


Choose the right moment

The two things to consider when choosing the best time to wax are whether you have the right hair length and where you are in your monthly push cycle. If your hair is too short, the wax will not have enough material to hang on and tear off the skin rather than the hair. Also note that your pain tolerance threshold is the highest just after your period (and is at the lowest just before) so feel free to adjust accordingly!


Prepare your skin

The wax removes not only the hair, but also the layers of dead skin possibly found on the area to be depilated, so it may be a good idea to make a scrub before, but not too soon before. The best is to make your scrub 24 hours before waxing. Just before you wax, take a hot bath to open your pores and follicles. Make sure you have thoroughly dried your skin before you start waxing as water may affect the proper functioning of the wax.


Perfect your technique

When waxing, it is important to breathe well. Our natural reaction to pain is to hold our breath, so it's important to communicate with your own body! Keep your skin tense, it will help reduce the pain when you remove the hair and take a deep breath when you spread the wax. Veet wax strips have a grip tab for quick and efficient hair removal, catch the tongue and pull in the direction of the hair while exhaling.


Take care of yourself

After being waxed, your skin will be sensitive, so avoid things that could irritate a little more, such as a scrub, you should not need anyway! In addition to this, avoid heat and deodorants a bit strong.


If you are looking for an alternative to wax, you can try other less restrictive hair removal methods such as hair removal cream. This product dissolves the hairs at the root, when you rinse the cream, the hairs will leave with. The smooth skin effect does not last as long as with wax, however this method is ideal for people with low tolerance to pain.

Follow these steps to get the body you deserve with the least amount of inconvenience!